Precise Measuring System for Photovoltaic and Meteorology

We offer measuring technology for the performance of highly precise and detailed measurements of photovoltaic systems. Our measuring instruments fulfil the highest standards required in research and development settings.

Our measuring instrument systems enable the measurement of all DC and AC measurement parameters relevant to photovoltaic generators and inverters, as well as all necessary environmental conditions, such as irradiance, module, inverter, and ambient temperatures, along with other meteorological parameters. The measuring systems are also suitable for use in meteorological stations.

The scalability of the systems means that the number of measurements can simply be extended. For instance, a large number of photovoltaic systems can all be measured simultaneously.

Our systems offer a wide variety of communication interfaces, such as RS485, RS232, Ethernet, USB, GSM and UMTS.

All of the components are pre-wired in weather-resistant housings (glass-fibre reinforced polycarbonate or stainless steel) and include all of the necessary small hardware, as well as detailed documentation. This enables you to install your measuring system quickly and easily.

All of our systems are designed to our customers’ needs, which enables us to offer you a solution optimally tailored to your requirements at a very good price-performance ratio.

Technical Data

DC VoltageUp to 1000 V, 0.1% to 0,5% Accuracy
DC CurrentUp to 1000 A, 0.15% to 1% Accuracy
DC PowerUp to 1 MW, 0.25% to 1,5% Accuracy
AC VoltageUp to 1000 V, 0.3% to 0,5% Accuracy
AC CurrentUp to 1000 A, 0.3% to 1% Accuracy
AC PowerUp to 1 MW, 0.6% to 1% Accuracy
AC Energy1% Accuracy
Solar IrradianceUp to 1400 W/sqm, 2,5% bis 5% Accuracy
Global IrradianceUp to 1500 W/sqm, Secondary Standard according WMO
Diffus IrradianceUp to 1000 W/sqm, Secondary Standard according WMO
Wind VelocityUp to 75 m/s, 1% to 3% Accuracy
Wind Direction0° to 360°, 1° to 45° Resolution
PV Module Temperature-50 to +100°C, 0.3 K to 1.2 K Accuracy
Ambient Temperature-50 to +70°C, 0.2 K to 1 K Accuracy
Air Humidity0 to 100%rF, 2%rF Accuracy
Barometric Pressure800 to 1060 kPa, 1hPa Accuracy

Further Measurement Parameter on Request