Meteorological Sensors for Ambient Temperature, Humidity, Air Pressure, Solar Irradiance, Wind Speed and Direction measurement

Meteorological Sensor from Low-Cost to High-End

We offer you sensors for nearly every meteorological measurement parameter. We use only high-quality products from well-known manufacturers. Depending on your requirements, you can select sensors with many different specifications from our wide range of products. We offer everything from simple, inexpensive sensors to highly precise and extremely high quality sensors at very favourable price-performance ratios.

We offer individual meteorological sensors as well as a wide range of accessories, such as mounting systems/materials and earthing equipment. On request, we can even offer you complete meteorological stations.

Kipp & Zonen

Pyranometer according to WMO Standard

Wind Sensors

Wind Velocity and Direction


Measuring Various Meteorological Parameters with one Ultrasonic Sensor

Other Meteorology

Air Temperature, Pressure, Humidity,...