Solar Irradiance Sensor with Ambient Temperature and Wind Speed Sensor as Reference Cell for PV Monitoring

Accessories Sensors for Wind Speed, PV Module and Ambient Temperature

Our Si sensor Si-RS485TC-2T-v and Si-RS485TC-3T can be extended with external sensors. This external sensors are connected to the Si sensor with a waterproof connector. The measured values are readable thru the RS485 port without an extra programming. We offer the external sensor Vwind-Si for the measurement of the wind speed, Tmodul-Si for module temperature and the Tamb-Si for ambient temperature. and one external temperature.
Please note the following connection possibilities:
Si-RS485TC-2T-v: Vwind-Si and one temperature sensor (Tmodul-Si or Tamb-Si)
Si-RS485TC-3T: Two temperature sensor but no Vwind-Si

Technische Daten

Vwind-SiWind Speed0...40 m/s5 mDeliver incl. Mounting Angle
Tmodul-SiModule Temperature-40...+90°C3 mIncl. Double Sided Tape
Tamb-SiAmbient Temperature-40...+90°C3 m---
Shield Tamb-SiWeather Protection------Incl. Mounting Material


Notes to Shield Tamb-Si:

Weather and Sun Protection for external ambient Temperature Sensor.
Also usuabe with Si-RS485TC-2T, Ta-x-4090 and Ta-ext-RS485.

With the Junction Box Set JB-01 a cable extension and daisy chain connection can be realized. The set is consisting of 3 cable glands and 5 Wago clamps.