Meteorological Sensor for Ambient Temperature, Humidity, Air Pressure, Wind Speed and Direction measurement

Climasensors Ultrasonic Measurement

The Climasensor uses the ultrasonic measuring principle and acquires the most important meteorological data with high precision in only one instrument. The Climasensor US measures up to 10 meteorological parameters (wind speed and direction, precipitation, brightness, twilight, ambient temperature, relative humidity and air pressure). A version with integrated magnetic compass calculates the aspecular angle of the sensor to the magnetic north pole, and thus can be used for the automatic north correction of the wind direction, and the brightness.

The sensor has for every parameter an analog output (0 to 10 V) and also a serial RS422/485 port (ASCII / Modbus RTU).

The advantages of the sensor are the simplified mechanical installation due to one sensor for several parameters and possible use of analog and digital output signals.

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Technical Data

TypeMeasured Parameter
Climasensor US WINDWind Speed and Direction
Climasensor US TFBWind Speed and Direction, ambient Temperature, Humidity and Air Pressure
Climasensor US NHWind Speed and Direction, Precipitation, Type of Precipitation and Brightness
Climasensor US NHTFBWind Speed and Direction, Precipitation, Type of Precipitation and Brightnes, ambient Temperature, Humidity and Air Pressure