SolarFlare Xenon Flashlight Sun Simulator

The SolarFlare flash solar simulation system is comprised of a xenon flasher unit, which generates the light, and the PV-KLA photovoltaic I-V curve analyser used for measuring the current-voltage characteristic of the photovoltaic module. In its basic configuration, it is a class CCC system but it can be extended up to a class ABB system on request (in accordance with IEC 60904-9). Due to its modular construction and the high precision of the measuring technology, this characteristics measuring device can also be used for reference measurements of natural sunlight.

Technical Data

Flashlight TubelXenon Flashligt, 4.800 Ws
Illuminated Areamaximum 2.0 m * 2.0 m
Irradiancemaximum 1200 W/qm
Inhomogenity (Standard)±10 % at 1.6 m * 1.6 m (Class C, optional Class B)
±12 % at 2.0 m * 2.0 m
Duration of Flash6 ms with < 10 % Class C (optional Class B)
Spectral Standard ConfigurationAM 1.5 Class C (optional Class B oder A)
Repetition Rate6 Measurements per Minute
Repetition Accuracy with Module Measurement±0,5 %
Supply230 Vac
Dimension (B * L * H)0.6 m * 1.0 m * 2.0 m
Weightarr. 50 kg